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Sports Policies

Athlete Eligibility Rules

Excerpted from the SPSD Student and Parent Handbook 2013-14:

The Saginaw Public Schools are a voluntary member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association. The MHSAA rules can be found in the MHSAA Handbook, which can be located in the school administrative office. The MHSAA rules listed below are only a summary of some of the regulations affecting student eligibility. Visit the MHSAA website at for more details.

  1. Age: A student becomes ineligible if they are 19 before September 1 of the current school year. If an eighth grade student becomes 15 before September 1 of the current school year, they are ineligible for middle school athletics.
  2. Physical Examination: Athletes must have on file in the treasurer's office a physician’s statement for the current school year (after May 5th) certifying he/she is physically able to compete in athletic contests and practices.  Download Medical Form here.
  3. Enrollment: Students must be enrolled in school prior to the fourth Friday after Labor Day (1st semester) or the fourth Friday of February (2nd semester). A student must be enrolled in the school for which he/she competes.
  4. Semesters Of Enrollment: Students cannot be eligible in high school athletics for more than eight semesters and the seventh and eighth semesters must be consecutive.

Academic Requirements

Excerpted from the SPSD Student and Parent Handbook:

SPSD Academic Requirements for Athletic Participation

The rules and regulations for athletic participation are driven by the new State Graduation

Requirements and the more rigorous academic standards that are required of all students.

The School District of the City of Saginaw’s guidelines for athletic participation include three components:

The Guidelines apply to both middle school and high school students who participate in interscholastic


All student athletes in grades 6-12 are eligible to participate if they meet the following requirement set by the Saginaw Board of Education and the MHSAA:

All student athletes must attend a mandatory study table Monday-Thursday (30 minutes for grades 6-8 ) and (60 minutes for grades 9-12) during their season, unless a time change is authorized by the District Athletic Director.  All eligible student athletes must meet the following requirements set by the Saginaw Board of Education and the Michigan High School Athletic Association:

All eligible student athletes failing to meet 2.0 GPA and study table requirements will result in the following consequences:

All student athletes not meeting the 2.0 cumulative GPA are deemed ineligible and will serve a 2-week suspension. Student athlete will be reinstated if the following requirements are performed:

Failure to meet these requirements will result in dismissal from activity.

Team study table will not be required on the following days:

On game days and early dismissal, student athletes must leave the building if not supervised by a coach. Each school must reserve a designated study area, cafeteria or media center for student athletes to report. Student athletes are allowed to go to the restroom but should return in a timely manner.

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