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Why Join The Booster Club?

Booster Club Membership

The SASA Athletic Booster Club does loads of good things for our sports program at SASA.  From replacing uniforms that the school budget just can’t cover to funding the outdoor soccer field scoreboard, the Booster Club is hard at work making our sports program better!

Joining the Booster Club can be a mutually rewarding experience.  We benefit by your time and talents, you benefit by the feeling of satisfaction you get knowing you’ve helped to make our sports program better.  You’ll meet new people while helping out with the concession stand during games, or while selling Dragon logo gear at school events and conferences–other parents of SASA athletes–and that gives you a sense of connection with your school.  It’s work, yes, but it’s fun!  The Booster Club runs the concession stand, sells Dragon logo apparel, hosts sports banquets, and plans special fundraising events, and we need the manpower to make all of these endeavors successful.

But let’s talk money here.  The Booster Club relies on the funds from its membership to help support it’s cause–the SASA Sports Program.  And you get a great discount on all SASA Dragon logo gear with your membership card!  You can buy t-shirts, sweat pants, hats, and bags for yourself and your family at a discounted price.  You could potentially save the price of your membership with the discounts you’ll receive.

Booster Club Membership is fundamental to our organization's existence. Along with sponsorships and fundraising activities, ABC membership helps us to realize our main objective--to support and promote current and future sports programs at SASA--not only by member fees, but (and perhaps more importantly) by participation, as well.  By supporting our club with membership, participation, suggestions, and ideas, you're helping us achieve our goals, and for that we thank you.

There’s an option for everyone to get involved with the SASA Athletic Booster Club:

So don’t hesitate–JOIN NOW!  Just download and print the membership application to the left, complete the form, and drop it off at the school office with your payment, and VOILA!  You’ll be an official member of the SASA Athletic Booster Club!

SASA Dragons Booster Club Application-2015-16.pdf

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Membership Fees

Individuals    $10

Family          $20