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Home of the SASA Dragons

Welcome to the SASA Athletic Booster Club website, dedicated to the promotion and support of sports programs at SASA, the Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy, Saginaw Public School District (SPSD),  in Saginaw, Michigan.  This website is your online portal for SASA sports programs and information, sports schedules and calendars, SASA Dragons athletic wear, SASA school spirit, and SASA booster club membership and sponsorship. We're glad you're here--and from fans to forms, and support to sponsorship--our goal is to serve you by promoting sports at SASA.

We welcome input from students, athletes, coaches, parents, and staff, in the form of sporting events pictures and video clips, sports articles and highlights, and website and program comments and suggestions.  We encourage your support in the form of ABC membership, ABC sponsorship, participation in SASA sports programs and promoting SASA school spirit.

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How to Use This Website

Our Home Page introduces the SASA Athletic Booster Club, and encourages visitors to utilize our collection of resources provided on our website to inform, assist, and enhance their SASA sports experience; we also encourage supporting our Booster Club so we can continue to improve the SASA Sports Program into the future.

The main Sports link provides a list of sports offered at SASA by season, coaches and contact numbers, and individual sports calendar links for each.  Sports sub-menu provides information on current sports offered by season and by class, eligibility  and academic requirements for all athletes, and sports forms and documents available for download.

The Calendar page lists a consolidated SASA Sports calendar, and includes all sports and booster club events and schedules.  It features a Google calendar app, and provides different viewing and printing options, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or agenda (list), for your convenience.  Designated administrative users are also able to log in from any internet connection and add, delete, or change any listing at any time, 24/7.  Other Google Calendar users will be able to add any of these sports calendars to their own Google calendar app for convenience.

The Forms Page includes a handy listing of all of the forms available for download and printing on this website.  Visit this page for any of our forms, including sports, medical, volunteer, athletic wear, booster funding requests, membership, and sponsorship.

Booster Club information, membership, sponsorship, forms, meeting calendar, forms, and contact info can be found on this menu link. Visit these pages to find out how you can get involved in the Booster Club.

Dragon Gear is our school Dragon logo shop, where you’ll find all of the Dragon logo gear and apparel currently available for purchase, as well as pricing and order information.  Show your school spirit by patronizing our shop.

Our Social Page connects the SASA Dragons with users on social channels with neat little apps like Facebook widgets, and promotes school spirit via social networks.  We encourage athletes, parents, coaches and fans to share pictures and comments from games and sporting events via these channels to boost school spirit.  We’ll also use these social networks to announce upcoming events.  We’ll have students, staff, and Booster members helping administer our social channels.

The Privacy Policy contains pertinent information regarding SASA Athletic Booster Club’s website privacy policy and procedures.

The SASA Athletic Booster Club website was created to serve our school sports programs--the SASA Dragons--and all of their  supporters, from the athletes themselves to the cheering fans to parents and staff.  We hope that you'll find it useful, informative, and entertaining.