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We’ve compiled a list of forms and documents available for download on our site.  Some of these forms are mandatory while others may help you to learn more about our sports program and our booster club.


Sports Physical Form (High School & Middle School Athletes)

All high school and middle school (7th and 8th grade) student athletes must have on file in the SASA office a physician’s statement (sports physical form) for the current school year (after April 15th of the previous school year) certifying that he/she is physically able to compete in athletic contests and practices.

In addition, a $10 insurance fee is due when the physical card is returned to the SASA office or the athlete’s coach.

Saginaw Youth Sports (Grade 6 Athletes)

Most or all of the 6th Grade sports offered fall under the Saginaw Youth Sports Program.  All participants must have a Saginaw Youth Sports Program Player Information Form on file with the school office.  Download the Youth Sports form here.

School-Based Health Centers (SBHC) by Health Delivery

School health clinics are available at both the Arthur Hill High School and the Saginaw High School campuses, where students can obtain inexpensive and convenient access to sports physicals, in addition to other medical care. Health Delivery will bill your insurance company if you have it, or you can pay at time of service.  The current rate for a sports physical is $20.  Download an informational school-based health center flyer here.

Athletic Transportation Permission Slip

Sometimes athletes need to be transported to or from games and events apart from the team by parents or other designated individuals.  This form may be used to give permission for your athlete to ride home with somebody other than the team bus. Click here to download an Athletic Transportation Permission Slip for your athlete.

Volunteer Data Card

All volunteers for the Saginaw Public School District must complete a Volunteer Data Card to be kept on file in the school office.  Download and print the SPSD Volunteer Data Card here.

SPSD Student & Parent Handbook–Athletics Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from the Saginaw Public School District’s handbook pertaining to athletics.  To view and print the expectations and requirements of student athletes at SASA, download the SPSD Athletics excerpt here.


SASA Booster Club Member Application

If you’d like to learn more about the SASA Athletic Booster Club, visit our Booster Club pages.  We’d love to have you on board. If you’re ready to join, just download the Booster Club Application here, fill it out, and return to the SASA’s main office with your membership fee. That’s it!

SASA Booster Club Request Form

The Booster Club mission is to support and enrich the sports program at SASA, and as such, does receive requests for funding various aspects of the sports program, including new uniforms, equipment, travel assistance, concessions, etc.  If you would like to submit a funding request, download the SASA Athletic Booster Club Request Form, and plan to attend the next scheduled meeting of the Booster Club to present your request.

SASA Booster Club By-Laws

In an effort to promote and enhance the sports program at SASA, the Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy Athletic Booster Club was established on April 15, 2010. Click here to download the Booster Club By-Laws and learn more about their mission and directives.

Sports Program

Sports Physical Form

Youth Sports Form

Health Clinic Flyer

Athlete Transportation

Volunteer Form

SPSD Handbook-Athletics

Booster Club

Membership Application

Funding Request

Club By-Laws

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